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UFGI publication round-up week 7/10 and 7/17/17

Chilling responsive DEMETER-LIKE DNA demethylase mediates in poplar bud break. Author information: Conde D1, Le Gac AL2, Perales M1, Dervinis C3, Kirst M3,4, Maury S2, González-Melendi P1,5, Allona I1,5. 1Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas, Universidad Politécnica de...
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UFGI publication round-up week 6/26 and 7/3/17

Life-extending dietary restriction and ovariectomy each increase leucine oxidation and alter leucine allocation in grasshoppers. Author information: Hatle JD1, Awan A2, Nicholas J2, Koch R2, Vokrri JR2, McCue MD3, Williams CM4, Davidowitz G5, Hahn DA6. 1Department of Biology, 1...
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UFGI publication round-up week 5/22/17

The nucleus is irreversibly shaped by motion of cell boundaries in cancer and non-cancer cells. Author information: Tocco VJ1, Li Y1, Christopher KG1, Matthews JH2, Aggarwal V1, Paschall L1, Luesch H2, Licht JD3, Dickinson RB1, Lele TP1,4. 1Department of Chemical Engineering,...
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