Faculty Member Directory

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Hauser, Bernard A., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesSeed formation, Maternal tissues' critical processes and genetic mutations, Botany and physiology bahauser@ufl.edu
Abisambra, Jose, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorNeuroscienceMedicineTauopathies, Neurodegenerative disorders, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease, Progressive supranuclear palsy j.abisambra@ufl.edu
Allen, Josephine, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMaterials Science and EngineeringEngineeringBiomaterials, Cell-material interactions, Space biology, and Stem cell differentiation jallen@mse.ufl.edu
Allen, William L., J.D.Associate Professor and DirectorCommunity Health and Family MedicineMedicineBioethics and medicine, Ethical, legal, and social Issues in genetics, End of life care and social issues allen@chfm.ufl.edu
Allred, David R., Ph.D. Professor Infectious Diseases and ImmunologyVeterinary MedicineParasitic infection, Antigenic variation, Babesial parasites and persistent infections, Malaria and other similar diseases allredd@ufl.edu
Altpeter, Fredy, Dr. sc. agr.ProfessorAgronomyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesGenome editing, CRISPR/Cas9, Homologous recombination, Cereals, Turf and forage grasses, Sugarcane, Crop improvement faltpeter@ifas.ufl.edu
Aris, John P., Ph.D.Associate Professor, Program DirectorAnatomy and Cell BiologyMedicineMechanisms of aging at cellular level, Autophagy and mitochondrial function in determining chronological longevity. johnaris@ufl.edu
Atkinson, Mark A., Ph.D.Director, Professor, Eminent ScholarDiabetes Institute, Pathology, PediatricsMedicinePathogenesis/Type 1 diabetes, Immunology, Microbiomes, JDRF nPOD, Prevention studies, Endocrinology and metabolism atkinson@ufl.edu
Austin, James D., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorWildlife Ecology and ConservationInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesConservation genetics and genomics, Molecular genetics of rare and endangered species, Population isolation and landscape structure, Phylogeographic analysis austinj@ufl.edu
Bacher, Rhonda, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBiostatisticsPublic Health and Health Professions; MedicineStatistical genomics, Statistical genetics, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics rbacher@ufl.edu
Baer, Charles F., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesComparative evolutionary genetics and biology, Theoretical population genetics, Quantitative genetics and genetic variation cbaer@ufl.edu
Baker, Henry V., Ph.D.Professor and ChairMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineFunctional genomics/genetics in regulatory networks hvbaker@ufl.edu
Barbazuk, (William) Brad, Ph.D.ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesGenomics, Bioinformatics, Alternative splicing, Genome evolution, Computational and comparative genomics bbarbazuk@botany.ufl.edu
Berglund, Andy, Ph.D.ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMedicineBiochemistry, Regulation of RNA processing and molecular mechanisms of neurological disease aberglund@ufl.edu
Berns, Kenneth, M.D.Distinguished Professor EmeritusMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineMolecular genetics of the AAV life cycle and the use of the virus as a potential vector in human gene therapy kberns@ufl.edu
Bliznyuk, Nikolay, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorAgricultural and Biological EngineeringInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesBayesian statistics, Computational statistics, Environmental applications, High-dimensional data nbliznyuk@ufl.edu
Bloom, David C., Ph.D.ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMedicineRegulation of Herpes Simplex Virus reactivation and the development of novel therapies dbloom@ufl.edu
Bloom, Linda B., Ph.D.ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineDNA replication and repair, Genetic integrity and structure of DNA, Correlation of genetic diseases and replication errors lbloom@ufl.edu
Bonning, Bryony C., Pd.D. Eminent Scholar and ProfessorEntomology and NematologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesInsect physiology and insect pathology, Alternatives to chemical insecticides for insect pest management bbonning@ufl.edu
Borum, Peggy R., Ph.D.ProfessorFood Science and Human NutritionInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMetabolic roles of nutrients in neonates and children with chronic diseaseprb@ufl.edu
Brantly, Mark L., M.D.Professor and ChiefMedicineMedicineProtein Trafficking, Folding, Genetics of Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency, Rare lung diseases Brantml@medicine.ufl.edu
Braun, Edward L., Ph.D.ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesEvolutionary genetics and genomics, Phylogenetics and computational biology, Evolution of genomes and organisms, Systematics ebraun68@ufl.edu
Brooks, Samantha A., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorAnimal SciencesVeterinary MedicineEquine genomics, Traits of health, conformation and performance, Mapping and identification of mutations causing traits of interestsamantha.brooks@ufl.edu
Brown, Mary B., Ph.D.ProfessorInfectious Diseases and ImmunologyVeterinary MedicineMycoplasmal infections, Comparative genomics of mollicutes, Host-pathogen interactions, Ureaplasma, Pathogens and immunology mbbrown@ufl.edu
Brown, Daniel R., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorInfectious Diseases and ImmunologyVeterinary MedicineCellular microbiology with emphasis on mycoplasma models of host/pathogen interactions drbrown@ufl.edu
Bubb, Michael R., M.D.Associate ProfessorMedicineMedicineCell motility, Arthritis, Autoimmunity, Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic lupus erythematosus bubbmr@medicine.ufl.edu
Bungert, Jorg, Ph.D. ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMedicineTranscription, Erythroid cell biology, Synthetic transcription factors jbungert@ufl.edu
Burleigh, J. Gordon, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesComputational phylogenetics, Phylotranscriptomic analysis, Evolutionary biology, Phenotypes gburleigh@ufl.edu
Byrne, Barry, M.D., Ph.D.ProfessorPediatricsMedicineCardiovascular disease, Gene therapies, Pediatric cardiology, Rare diseases bbyrne@ufl.edu
Cahill, James., Ph.D.LecturerEnvironmental Engineering SciencesEngineeringPopulation Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Ancient DNA, and Evolution of Language james.cahill@ufl.edu
Campbell-Thompson, Martha, D.V.M., Ph.D.ProfessorPathology, Immunology and Laboratory MedicineMedicineAAV toxicology and transgene expression, Beta cell biology, Type 1 Diabetes, Neuroanatomy, Pancreas functionality thompmc@pathology.ufl.edu
Cataldo, Tara T., M.L.S.Associate University LibrarianMarston Science LibraryLibrariesStudying the information seeking behavior of researchers and the use of digital collections and resources in science and medicine ttobin@ufl.edu
Cavallari, Larisa H., Pharm.D., B.C.P.S., F.C.C.P.Associate Professor and DirectorPharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacyWarfarin pharmacogenetic research, Pharmocogenomics, Human genetics, Clinical translation of genetic variants related to drug responselcavallari@cop.ufl.edu
Cellinese, Nico, Ph.D.Associate CuratorFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryEvolution, Biogeography and systematics of angiosperms, Phyloinformatics, Biodiversity informatics ncellinese@flmnh.ufl.edu
Chaparro, Jose X, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesGenetics and breeding of citrus, stone fruit varieties, and more jchaparro@ifas.ufl.edu
Chase, Christine D., Ph.D.ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMolecular genetics, Fertility and sterility, Mitochondria-signaled programmed cell death in plants, Nuclear genes and organization, inheritance and expression of mitochondrial genomes cdchase@ufl.edu
Chen, Sixue, Ph.D.ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesPlant signal transduction, Plant metabolism, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Plant secondary metabolism schen@ufl.edu
Choe, Keith P., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesCellular stress responses, Animal physiology, Aging, Cell Signaling, Molecular biology kchoe@ufl.edu
Chourey, Prem, Ph.D. Ctsy. ProfessorAgronomyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesBiochemical and physiological genetics in maize and sorghum, Seed and pollen development, Programmed cell death pschourey@ifas.ufl.edu
Clark, David G., Ph.D.ProfessorEnvironmental HorticultureInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesBiotechnology of floriculture crops, Consumer technologies, Basic and applied plant science geranium@ufl.edu
Cogle, Christopher R. M.D., Ph.D. ProfessorHematology/OncologyMedicineOncology and public health systems, Stem cells and novel therapeutics, Oncology diagnostics christopher.cogle@medicine.ufl.edu
Cohn, Martin J., Ph.D.ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineEvolution and development of the vertebrate limb and the urogenital system, Origin of limbs and fins mjcohn@ufl.edu
Concannon, Patrick J., Ph.D.Professor and UFGI DirectorPathology, Immunology and Laboratory MedicineMedicineGenetics of radiation sensitivity, Type 1 diabetes genetics, Genetic epidemiology of second primary breast cancer, Genetics of malnutritionpatcon@ufl.edu
Conesa, Ana, Ph.D.Courtesy ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesBioinformatics, Functional annotation, Gene expression, Third generation sequencing, Multiomics aconesa@ufl.edu
Cousins, Robert J., Ph.D. Eminent ScholarFood Science and Human NutritionInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMolecular and cell biology of zinc metabolism and function, Dietary preference, Zinc transport and pathways cousins@ufl.edu
Dark, Michael J., D.V.M., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorComparative, Diagnostic and Population MedicineVeterinary MedicineVeterinary pathology, Rickettsial diseases such as Anaplasma marginale, Bacterial genomics and vector-borne diseases, Animal model systems darkmich@vetmed.ufl.edu
Davis, John M., Ph.D.Professor and Associate DeanForest Resources and ConservationInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesForest biotechnology, Forest genomics, Plant defense, Plant-pathogen interactions jmdavis@ufl.edu
de Crecy-Lagard, Valerie, Ph.D.ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMicrobial genetics, Microbial metabolism and physiology comparative genomics, RNA modification vcrecy@ufl.edu
Denslow, Nancy D., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorPhysiological SciencesVeterinary MedicineMolecular ecotoxicology, Estrogen receptor mediated gene expression, Zoology and environmental health ndenslow@ufl.edu
Devine, Darragh P., Ph.D.ProfessorPsychologyLiberal Arts and SciencesNeurobiology, Gene expression in stress-induced limbic neuroplasticity, Genetic basis of autism and self-injurious behavior dpdevine@ufl.edu
DiGennaro, Peter, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEntomology and NematologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMolecular basis of nematode parasitism in plants Plant pathology and genomics pdigennaro@ufl.edu
Dinglasan, Rhoel R., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorInfectious Diseases and ImmunologyVeterinary Medicine, Emerging Pathogens Institute Microbiology, Vector biology, Public health and vaccine developmentrdinglasan@epi.ufl.edu
Dixit, Purushottam, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPhysicsLiberal Arts and SciencesBiophysics, Statistical physics, Evolutionary dynamics of bacteria pdixit@ufl.edu
Driscoll, Daniel J., M.D., Ph.D.ProfessorPediatricsMedicineGenomic imprinting, Angelman and Prader-Willi syndromes, Mammalian gametogenesis, Early onset morbid obesity driscdj@peds.ufl.edu
Duarte, Julio, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPharmacogenomicsPharmacyBiological mechanisms behind disease development, Drug response in heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, Genomic predictors of drug response eylerfd@peds.ufl.edu
Durham, Bryndan, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesMarine microbial ecology, Sulfur metabolism in phytoplankton and bacteria, Microbial interactions and carbon flow b.durham@ufl.edu
Efron, Philip A. M.D., Ph.D. ProfessorSurgeryMedicineInflammation and immunology, Dendritic cells and lymphocytes in sepsis, Anesthesiology and respiratory therapy Philip.efron@surgery.ufl.edu
Esser, Karyn, Ph.D.ProfessorPhysiology and Functional GenomicsMedicineMyology, Skeletal muscle and exercise, Circadian rhythms, Longevity and metabolism relating to muscle function kaesser@ufl.edu
Farrer, Matthew Ph.D. Professor, DirectorNeuroscienceMedicineGenetics and neuroscience of Parkinson's disease, Dementia, Aging and degenerative diseases m.farrer@ufl.edu
Ferl, Robert J., Ph.D.Distinguished Professor, DirectorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesSpace biology, Gene expression, Molecular genetics, Plant imaging robferl@ufl.edu
Fletcher, Bradley S., M.D., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMedicineMedicineNon-viral gene delivery, DNA transposons, Tumor angiogenesis, Gene therapy for hemophilia and cancer bsfletch@ufl.edu
Folta, Kevin M., Ph.D.ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPhotomorphogenesis, Fruit crop genomics, Public outreach and community education, Synthetic biology kfolta@ufl.edu
Foster, Thomas C., Ph.D.ProfessorNeuroscienceMedicineCellular and molecular neuroscience, Integrative aging physiology foster@mbi.ufl.edu
Foster, Jamie S., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMolecular mechanisms underlying carbonate mineralization in modern lithifying microbial mats, Astrobiology, Meta-omics foster@ufl.edu
Fujii, Kotaro, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineExploring the mRNA translation in embryonic development, aging, and disease, Mammalian molecular development and homeostasis, Biochemistry and animal model researchkotaro.fujii@ufl.edu
Gabriel, Dean W., Ph.D.ProfessorPlant PathologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMicrobial pathogenesis, Plant host recognition and defenses, Bacterial genomics, Functional genomics, Gene engineering dgabr@ufl.edu
Gader, Paul D., Ph.D. ProfessorComputer and Information Science and EngineeringEngineeringMachine learning, Imaging spectroscopy, Hyperspectral image analysis, Morphological networks pgader@cise.ufl.edu
Ghivizzani, Steven, Ph.D.ProfessorOrthopaedics and RehabilitationMedicineGenetic therapy, Immunology and Medical microbiology, Mitochondrial inscription ghivisc@ortho.ufl.edu
Gillooly, James F., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesEcology and ecological theory, Metabolism, DNA Evolution gillooly@zoo.ufl.edu
Gitzendanner, Matthew A., Ph.D. ScientistBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesPlant evolutionary genetics, Population genetics and genomics, Phylogeny of land plants, Bioinformatics, Conservation genetics magitz@ufl.edu
Gong, Yan, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorPharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacyPharmacogenomics, Serious adverse drug reactions, Genetic association analysis, Genome-wide association studies, Statistical genetics, Genetic epidemiologygong@cop.ufl.edu
Gonzalez, Claudio F., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesGene expression and regulation, protein engineering, enzyme production and characterization cfgonzalez@ufl.edu
Goss, Erica M., Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPlant PathologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPlant pathogens and their origins, evolution, population structure, and migration, Microbial ecology, Molecular evolution of virulence and host range emgoss@ufl.edu
Gravlee, Clarence C., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorAnthropologyLiberal Arts and SciencesMedical anthropology, Race and racism, Human biological variation, Cardiovascular disease, Health equity cgravlee@ufl.edu
Gulig, Paul A., Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineMolecular pathogenesis of bacterial-host interactions in disease, Genetic manipulation of microorganisms, Drug and vaccine development gulig@ufl.edu
Guralnick, Robert Ph.D. CuratorNatural HistoryFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryBiodiversity informatics, Macroecology, Global change biology, Systematics rguralnick@flmnh.ufl.edu
Gurley, William, Ph.D. ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesTranscriptional regulation in plants, Heat stress and transcription factors, General transcription factors such as TBP, TAFs, and TFIIB, Citrus greening wgurley@ufl.edu
Hagen, Stephen J., Ph.D.ProfessorPhysicsLiberal Arts and SciencesBiological physics, Dynamics of biological systems, Bacterial quorum signaling, noise, and dynamics properties of bacterial communication sjhagen@ufl.edu
Hahn, Daniel A., Ph.D. ProfessorEntomology and NematologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesEvolutionary physiology, Entomology and environmental stressors, Metabolic dormancy and arousal dahahn@ufl.edu
Handler, Alfred M., Ph.D.Research Geneticist USDAEntomology and NematologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPest-crop interactions and genetic modification, Transgenic insect strain development for improved biological control ahandler@ufl.edu
Hansen, Peter J., Ph.D.Distinguished ProfessorAnimal SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesReproductive biology and immunology, Preimplantation embryonic development, Cellular responses to heat shock, Embryo transfer hansen@animal.ufl.edu
Harfe, Brian D., Ph.D.Associate Dean and ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineDevelopmental biology, Intervertebral discs and digit formation, Skeletogenesis and morphogenesis, Genetic instability and repair bharfe@mgm.ufl.edu
Harmon, Philip F., Ph.D. ProfessorPlant PathologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPlant pathology, Mycology/Fungal genetics metagenomics, Turfgrass and small fruit disease management pfharmon@ufl.edu
Hauswirth, William, Ph.D. Research ProfessorOphthamologyMedicineOpthamology, Gene therapy for retinal diseases and blindness, Genetic treatments for muscular dystrophy hauswrth@eye1.eye.ufl.edu
Heldermon, Coy., M.D., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorHematology and OncologyMedicineGene replacement and stem cell therapies for inherited lysosomal storage disorders, Stem cell movement from maternal or malignant sources coy.heldermon@medicine.ufl.edu
Hoffman, Brad E., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorPediatrics and NeurosciencesMedicineGene immunotherapy, Autoimmunity, Neurodegenerative disease, AAV vector technology, Immunology, Regulatory T cells, Tolerance induction bhoffman@ufl.edu
Hunter, Margaret E., Ph.D.Courtesy Assistant ProfessorAnimal SciencesVeterinary MedicineEnvironmental gene sampling in invasive and endemic Florida species, Veterinary interests, Large animal clinical sciences mhunter@usgs.gov
Huo, Zhiguang (Caleb), Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBiostatisticsMedicineStatistical genomics, Bioinformatics, Statistical learning zhuo@ufl.edu
Ishov, Alexander M., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorAnatomy and Cell BiologyMedicineDrug resistance and epigenetics in carcinogenesis, Dynamics of intranuclear proteins distribution and chromatin structure for transcription regulation Ishov@ufl.edu
Jin, Shouguang, Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineHost-pathogen interaction, Bacterial resistance to antibiotics, Bacteria mediated delivery of target proteins into mammalian cells sjin@mgm.ufl.edu
Jin, Lingtao, Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorAnatomy and Cell BiologyMedicineSignaling basis of cancer metabolism, Metabolic enzymes and onco-metabolites in cancer and drug resistance, Metabolic vulnerabilities in cancerljin1@ufl.edu
Johnson, Julie A., Pharm.D. Distinguished Professor, DeanPharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacyCardiovascular pharmacogenomics, Antihypertensive drugs, Beta-blockers, Genomic medicine, Pharmacology johnson@cop.ufl.edu
Jones, Jeffrey B., Ph.D. Distinguished ProfessorPlant PathologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPlant-microbe interactions, Host plant resistance, Mechanisms affecting microbe fitness, Bacterial spot disease in tomatoes and peppers jbjones@ufl.edu
Kahveci, Tamer, Ph.D. ProfessorComputer and Information Science and EngineeringEngineeringIndexing, retrieval, and mining of biological databases, Shotgun sequencing, Multiple alignment and motif finding, Protein structure similarity tamer@cise.ufl.edu
Kawahara, Akito Y., Ph.D. Associate CuratorFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryMacroevolution of Lepidoptera, Phylogenomic and community sequencing of insects, Predator-prey interactions kawahara@flmnh.ufl.edu
Kaye, Frederic J., M.D. Professor and DirectorOncologyMedicineIdentification and study of the functional implications of genetic alterations in lung, head, and neck cancers fkaye@ufl.edu
Kenworthy, Kevin E., Ph.D. ProfessorAgronomyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesTurfgrass breeding and genetics, Collection of germplasm with breeding directed towards the development of cultivars that require fewer inputs kkenworthy@ifas.ufl.edu
Kertes, Darlene A., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorPsychologyLiberal Arts and SciencesGene environment interaction, Early childhood development, Cortisol production and emotional attachment dkertes@ufl.edu
Keyhani, Nemat O., Ph.D. ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesFungal genetics and biology, Arthropod biological control, Biopesticides, Chemical communications in insects keyhani@ufl.edu
Kilberg, Michael S., Ph.D.ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMedicineNutrient control of transcription, Drug resistance in leukemia, Transcription factor networks and genomic elements mkilberg@ufl.edu
Kimball, Rebecca T., Ph.D. ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesBehavioral ecology, Evolutionary patterns and processes, primarily focusing on birds rkimball@ufl.edu
Kirst, Matias, Ph.D.ProfessorForest Resources and ConservationInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPlant genetic expression and regulation, Nitrogen fixation, Discovery of genes, metabolic and regulatory networks that control variation in wood quality and growth mkirst@ufl.edu
Kladde, Michael P., Ph.D. ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMedicineMolecular biology, Epigenetic regulation of gene expression, Single-molecule studies of chromatin structure kladde@ufl.edu
Klee, Harry J., Ph.D. Eminent ScholarHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesGenetics of fruits, Signal transduction, Plant secondary metabolism, Flavor, Carotenoids hjklee@ifas.ufl.edu
Koch, Karen E., Ph.D. ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesSugar signaling and sensing, Plant biology, Carbohydrate metabolism kek@ifas.ufL.edu
Kolaczkowski, Bryan, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesEvolutionary biology, Functional evolution of antiviral immune receptors, Therapeutic approaches to activate/inhibit these receptors, Predicting 1 diabetes risk factors bryank@ufl.edu
Kopinke, Daniel, Ph.D Assistant ProfessorPharmacology and TherapeuticsMedicineWound healing and muscle repair, Muscle degeneration and chronic wasting diseases, Cell-cell interactions through cilia dkopinke@ufl.edu
Lamba, Jatinder, Ph.D.ProfessorPharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacyIdentification, characterization and clinical validation of genomic/epigenomic markers predictive of therapeutic outcome cancer patients jlamba@cop.ufl.edu
Langaee, Taimour Y., Ph.D., M.S.P.H.Research ProfessorPharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchPharmacyPharmacogenetics in cardiovascular and auto-immune diseases, Developing microarray-based methods to facilitate disease diagnosis langaee@cop.ufl.edu
Lavoie, Matthew, Ph.D.ProfessorNeurologyMedicineMolecular events leading to neurodegenerative diseases, Proteostasis, Familial Parkinson's and mitochondria mlavoie@ufl.edu
Lee, Yoosook, Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorMolecular Ecology, Population Genomics, BioinformaticsInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPopulation genetics, Entomology with a focus on mosquitos, Molecular Ecology, Malaria and disease vectors, and Insecticides yoosook.lee@ufl.edu
Lewin, Alfred S., Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineGene and pharmacologic therapies for blinding diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa and age related macular degeneration, Non-coding RNA treatments lewin@ufl.edu
Li, Yuqing, Ph.D. ProfessorNeurologyMedicinePathophysiology and experimental therapeutics of dystonia, Animal models of movement disorders, Molecular and cellular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity during development and learning yuqingli@ufl.edu
Liao, Daiqing, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorAnatomy and Cell BiologyMedicineCancer, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Drug discovery, Targeted protein degradation dliao@ufl.edu
Liu, Tie, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPostharvest biology and improvement of agronomic properties, Systems biology and plant growth tieliu@ufl.edu
Long, Maureen T., Ph.D. ProfessorComparative, Diagnostic and Population MedicineVeterinary MedicineArboviral diseases, Equine and large animal infectious diseases, Immunology and endocrine diseases longm@ufl.edu
Lorca, Graciela L., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesChemical biology of one-component transcriptional regulators, High throughput screen of small molecule binding modules, Development of live vectors glorca@ufl.edu
Lu, Jianrong, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMedicineOncology, metabolism, and epigenetics, Molecular mechanisms underlying tumor progression, Transcription and chromatin regulation of angiogenesis and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) jrlu@ufl.edu
Maden, Malcolm, Ph.D. ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesDevelopmental biology, Discovering and inducing regeneration in mammals, Mechanisms of regeneration in organisms that can already regenerate perfectly, Re-inducing crucial developmental signaling pathways malmaden@ufl.edu
Mai, Volker, Ph.D., M.P.H.Associate ProfessorEpidemiologyMedicineGut microbiota, Diet, Cancer epidemiology, Enteric disease, Bacteriophage, Bioinformatics vmai@ufl.edu
Makki, Nadja, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorAnatomy and Cell BiologyMedicineHuman genetics and genomics, Developmental biology Nadja.makki@ufl.edu
Mandel, Ron, Ph.D. ProfessorNeuroscienceMedicineNeurodegenerative disorders, Molecular pathobiology of neural disease, Physiology and clinical neuroscience rmandel@ufl.edu
Martindale, Mark Q., Ph.D.Professor and DirectorWhitney Lab for Marine BioscienceWhitney Lab for Marine BiosciencePattern formation, Experimental embryology, Evolutionary developmental biology, Comparative and functional genomics mqmartin@whitney.ufl.edu
Martyniuk, Chris, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorPhysiological SciencesVeterinary MedicineAquatic toxicology, Neuroendocrinology, Gamma-aminobutyric acid, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Reproduction and fish biologycmartyn@ufl.edu
Mathews, Carol, Ph.D.ProfessorPsychiatryMedicineTourette's syndrome, Psychiatric genomics, ADHD and OCD genetics, Genetic basis of anxiety disorders camathews@mac.com
Maupin-Furlow, Julie A., Ph.D. ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMicrobial biochemistry and physiology, Global regulatory mechanisms, Molecular genetics, Biotechnology and metabolic engineering, Extremophiles and archaea jmaupin@ufl.edu
McCarty, Donald R., Ph.D. ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesSeed development, Maize, Arabidopsis, Abscisic acid biosynthesis, B3 domain transcription factors, Carotenoid dioxygenases drm@ufl.edu
McDaniel, Stuart, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesEvolutionary genetics of mosses, Botany, Dioecy and its causes and consequences, Community genomics in Arctic mosses stuartmcdaniel@ufl.edu
McIntyre, Lauren M., Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineStatistical genetics and genomics, Modeling gene regulatory networks mcintyre@ufl.edu
McMahon, Lance R., Ph.D., M.S. Professor and ChairPharmacodynamicsPharmacyBehavioral pharmacology, Drug abuse, Principles of behavior and receptor theory to identify central nervous system mechanisms responsible for drug dependencelance.mcmahon@cop.ufl.edu
Mendez-Gomez, Hector R., Ph.D.Research Associate ScientistNeurosurgeryMedicineNanotechnology, immunotherapy, brain tumors, blood-brain barrierhector.
Mergia, Ayalew, Ph.D. ProfessorInfectious Diseases and ImmunologyVeterinary MedicineAntiviral therapy for immunodeficiency viruses (AIDS, FIV), HIV replication, Retroviruses and ribozymes mergiaa@ufl.edu
Meyer, Julie L. Assistant ProfessorSoil and Water SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMicrobial ecology and bioinformatics, Marine microbial ecology and genomics, Biogeography and community structurejuliemeyer@ufl.edu
Miller, Christine W., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorEntomology and NematologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesEvolution of behavior, Morphology and the environment's role in trait expression and evolution cwmiller@ufl.edu
Miyamoto, Michael M., Ph.D. ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesVertebrate biology, Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, Population genetics, Bioinformatics miyamoto@ufl.edu
Molstad, Aaron, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorStatisticsLiberal Arts and SciencesMultivariate analysis, Numerical optimization, Statistical computing, High-dimensional data analysis, Statistical genetics and genomics amolstad@ufl.edu
Moroz, Leonid L., Ph.D.Distinguished ProfessorNeuroscienceMedicineEpigenetics, Genome biology, Genomic bases of memory, Neuronal identity and plasticity, Animal phylogeny and evolution moroz@whitney.ufl.edu
Mou, Zhonglin, Ph.D. ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPlant biology and defense responses to pathogens, Signal transduction pathways in plant immunity, Extracellular pyridine nucleotides zhlmou@ufl.edu
Mulligan (Kolman), Connie J., Ph.D. ProfessorAnthropologyLiberal Arts and SciencesHuman genetics and population history, Human evolution and adaptation, Origin and spread of human disease and human pathogens, Biocultural perspectives cmulligan@ufl.edu
Nick, Harry S., Ph.D. ProfessorNeuroscienceMedicineReal-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR), Molecular biology, Cell culture, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence hnick@ufl.edu
Ogram, Andrew, Ph.D. ProfessorSoil and Water ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMicrobial Ecology, Genetics of biodegradation of xenobiotics, Soil microbial ecology, Wetlands and aquatic systems avo@mail.ifas.ufl.edu
Oppenheimer, David G., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesCell biology, Plant actin and microtubule assembly and disassembly dynamics, Plant evolution, Cytoskeleton regulation oppenhe@ufl.edu
Ostrov, David A., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorPathology, Immunology, and Laboratory MedicineMedicineMicrobiology and immunology, Novel therapeutic approaches for various cancers, Graft versus host disease, Drug resistant pathogensostroda@pathology.ufl.edu
Papp, Bernadett, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of ResearchOral BiologyDentistryGenome-wide mechanisms of cellular identity in health vs. diseasebpapp@dental.ufl.edu
Pardalos, Panos, Ph.D. Distinguished ProfessorIndustrial and Systems EngineeringEngineeringGlobal and combinatorial optimization, Data analysis, Bio-medicine, Industrial and systems engineering pardalos@ufl.edu
Paul, Anna-Lisa, Ph.D. Research Professor, DirectorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPlant biology and chromatin structure, Plant genomic responses to novel abiotic stresses and extreme environmentsalp@ufl.edu
Paulay, Gustav, Ph.D. CuratorFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryPhylogenetics and biodiversity in the context of the climate crisis, Zoology, Coral reefs and pacific island taxonomies, Paleontology paulay@ufl.edu
Peter, Gary F., Ph.D. ProfessorForest Resources and ConservationInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesBreeding, Carbon allocation, Cellular and developmental biology, Metabolism, Quantitative genetics gfpeter@ufl.edu
Prosperi, Mattia, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEpidemiologyMedicineBiomedical modeling and big data mining, Biomedical informatics, Epidemiology, Molecular evolution m.prosperi@ufl.edu
Ranka, Sanjay, Ph.D. ProfessorComputer and Information Science and EngineeringEngineeringBioinformatics, Data mining, High performance computing, Artificial intelligence, Biomedical informatics ranka@cise.ufl.edu
Ranum, Laura P.W., Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicine Neurodegenerative disease, microsatellite expansions, RAN translation, RNA biology, Understanding how repeat expansions cause myotonic dystrophy and ataxia ranum@ufl.edu
Rathinasabapathi, Bala, Ph.D.ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMetabolic adaptations of plants to various abiotic stress factors especially those that generate oxidative damage, Developing biotechnologies for improving the tolerance of crop plants to environmental stresses brath@ufl.edu
Reed, David L., Ph.D.Curator, Associate ProvostFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryMammalogy, Host/parasite coevolution, Phylogenetics, Bioinformatics, Population genetics dlreed@ufl.edu
Renne, Rolf, Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineDNA tumor viruses, Non-coding RNAs, Epigenetics rrenne@ufscc.ufl.edu
Resende, Marcio, Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesGenetics and genomics, Breeding population genetics, Statistical analysis mresende@ufl.edu
Resnick, James, Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineMolecular mechanisms underlying genetic imprinting at the locus responsible for Prader-Willi and Angelman syndromes resnick@mgm.ufl.edu
Rincon-Limas, Diego E., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorNeurologyMedicineDrosophila and cellular models of neurodegenerative diseases, Prion disorders, Alzheimer's disease, Protein misfolding mechanisms diego.rincon@neurology.ufl.edu
Riva, Alberto A., Ph.D. Director, ScientistBioinformaticsICBRBioinformatics, Computational biology, Artificial intelligence, Computer sciences ariva@ufl.edu
Rollins, Jeffrey A., Ph.D. ProfessorPlant PathologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMolecular mechanisms underlying pathogenesis and multicellular development in plant pathogenic fungi, Molecular genetics, Functional gene analyses, Genomics and transcriptomics rollinsj@ufl.edu
Romeo, Tony, Ph.D. ProfessorMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesBacterial global regulatory circuits, RNA-based regulation, Molecular genetics of biofilm development tromeo@ufl.edu
Ryan, Joseph, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorWhitney Lab for Marine BioscienceWhitney Lab for Marine BioscienceBioinformatics, Evolutionary biology, Adaptation to extreme environments, Phylogenetics, Marine Biology joseph.ryan@whitney.ufl.edu
Salemi, Marco M., Ph.D.ProfessorPathology, Immunology and Laboratory MedicineMedicinePhylogenetic analysis, Molecular evolution, Virus evolution and molecular epidemiology, Virology salemi@pathology.ufl.edu
Santos, Jose Eduardo P., Ph.D., D.V.M.ProfessorAnimal SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesReproductive physiology and management, Nutrients and hormonal manipulation of the estrous cycle influence establishment and maintenance of pregnancy in dairy cattle jepsantos@ufl.edu
Sarkisian, Matthew R., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorNeuroscienceMedicineCellular and molecular mechanisms underlying normal and pathogenetic development of the cerebral cortex msarkisian@ufl.edu
Sayour, Elias, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorNeurosurgeryMedicinePediatric hematology-oncology, Nanoparticle immunotherapies and treatments elias.sayour@neurosurgery.ufl.edu
Schatz, Desmond A., M.D.Professor, DirectorPediatricsMedicinePediatrics, Etiology, Pathophysiology and prevention of Type 1 diabetes, Cardiovascular disease in the context of diabetes schatda@peds.ufl.edu
Scott, Edward W., Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineGene regulation during white-blood cell development, Biology of hematopoietic progenitor cells, Transcription factors in lymphoid and myeloid differentiation escott@ufl.edu
Seaver, Elaine C., Ph.D.ProfessorWhitney Lab for Marine BioscienceWhitney Lab for Marine BiosciencePatterning in the spiralian embryo and the evolution of identified cells, Regenerative biology, Neurogenesis, Patterning of the germlineseaver@whitney.ufl.edu
Semple-Rowland, Susan L., Ph.D. ProfessorNeuroscienceMedicineRetinal photoreceptor bilogy and disease, Biochemical mechanisms controlling light entrainment of photoreceptor clocks rowland@ufl.edu
Sessa, Emily B., Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesPlant systematics and genetics, Reticulate evolution including polyploidy, hybridization, and introgressionemilysessa@ufl.edu
Sitharam, Meera, Ph.D. ProfessorComputer and Information Science and EngineeringEngineeringSymmetric macro molecular structure, Conformational landscapes and rigidity, Assembly of geometric constraints sitharam@ufl.edu
Smartt, Chelsea T., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorEntomology and NematologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesMolecular biology and biochemistry of disease transmitting mosquitoes, Medical entomology, Gene expression and regulation, Vector-virus interactions ctsmart@ufl.edu
Soltis, Douglas E., Ph.D.Distinguished ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesPhylogenetics, Floral developmental genetics, Angiosperm systematics, Genome doubling, Big data and computational genetics dsoltis@botany.ufl.edu
Soltis, Pamela S., Ph.D. Distinguished Professor, CuratorFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryFlorida Museum of Natural HistoryPlant diversity, Phylogenetics, Polyploidy, Angiosperm phylogeny, Conservation genetics psoltis@flmnh.ufl.edu
Song, Wen-Yuan, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorPlant PathologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesHost-Parasite interactions, Plant signal transduction, Protein networks, Engineering broad spectrum and durable resistance in crops wsong@ufl.edu
Song, Sihong, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorPharmaceuticsPharmacyDevelopment of gene and stem cell based therapies for the treatment of alpha 1 antitrypsin gene deficiency, type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases shsong@ufl.edu
Srivastava, Arun, Ph.D. Professor and Division ChiefPediatricsMedicineGene therapy for genetic diseases, Parvoviruses, namely the non-pathogenic adeno-associated virus (AAV) and the parvovirus B19 aruns@peds.ufl.edu
Swanson, Maurice S., Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineRNA processing, Microsatellites, Neurological disease, Aging mswanson@ufl.edu
Tansey, Maria, Ph.D.ProfessorNeuroscienceMedicineNeurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's, Neuroinflammation and aging mgtansey@ufl.edu
Tennant, Michele R., Ph.D. University LibrarianMLIS, HSC Library/UFGIVP Office for Health AffairsInformation seeking behavior, Library liaison programs, User services, Library informatics tennantm@ufl.edu
Thai, My T., Ph.D. ProfessorComputer and Information Science and EngineeringEngineeringBiological networks, Explainable AI, Network science and optimization, Security and privacy mythai@cise.ufl.edu
Tibbetts, Scott, Ph.D.ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicinePathogenesis of oncogenic viruses, Virus-host interactions, Viral latency, Viral miRNAs, Viral long noncoding RNAs stibbe@ufl.edu
Toth, Zsolt, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorOral BiologyDentistryNuclear host-pathogen interactions, Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus ztoth@dental.ufl.edu
Traktuev, Dmitry, Ph.D.Research Associate ProfessorCardiovascular MedicineMedicineMolecular cardiac preservation, Human adipose stem cells dmitry.traktuev@medicine.ufl.edu
Triplett, Eric W., Ph.D. Professor and ChairMicrobiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesGenetic and proteomic analysis of plant colonization by endophytic bacteria, Molecular microbial ecology, Host microbe interactions ewt@ufl.edu
Vaillancourt, David, Ph.D.Professor & ChairPhysiology & KinesiologyHealth & Human PerformanceMovement disorders, Physiology, Motor control and learning, Neuroscience and genetics vcourt@ufl.edu
Vallejos, Carlos E., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorHorticultural SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPlant molecular biology, Genetics of Phaseolus vulgaris, Bean genetics and genomics vallejos@ufl.edu
Vermerris, Wilfred, Ph.D. Professor Microbiology and Cell ScienceInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesPlant cell wall chemistry, Sorghum and maize breeding and genetics, Nanomaterials from plant biomass, Biofuels wev@ufl.edu
Vulpe, Christopher, M.D.ProfessorPhysiological SciencesVeterinary MedicineHuman and environmental toxicology, Nanotoxicology, Ecotoxicology, Ecotoxicogenomicscvulpe@ufl.edu
Wallace, Peggy, Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineGenetic and cell biology approaches to neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), Multifactorial disorders and non-Mendelian inheritance peggyw@ufl.edu
Wang, Eric, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineRNA processing, RNA localization, Microsatellite repeat diseases, Neuromuscular/neurological diseases, Myotonic dystrophy eric.t.wang@ufl.edu
Wang, Jianping, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorAgronomyInstitute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Plant genetics and genomics, Bioinformatics, Genetic mechanisms controlling and regulating important crop traits wangjp@ufl.edu
Wang, Gary Ping-Chuan, M.D., Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineMedicineViral evolution, Drug resistance, Human oral microbiome, Molecular ecology of gut microbiota, Molecular studies of HCV pathogenesis and drug resistance Gary.Wang@medicine.ufl.edu
Wayne, Marta L., Ph.D. ProfessorBiologyLiberal Arts and SciencesHost-parasite evolution in Drosophila melanogaster and its parasite sigma virus, Maintenance of genetic variation in natural populations, Quantitative and population genetics and genomics mlwayne@ufl.edu
Wong, Adam Chun Nin, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEntomology and NematologyInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesInsect microbiome interactions, Gut microbiome and pathogens, Metabolism and behavior adamcnwong@ufl.edu
Wood, Charles E., Ph.D. Professor and ChairPhysiology and Functional GenomicsMedicineFetal development, physiology, and birth mechanisms, Fetal stress responses and prematurity, Improving health outcomes for newborns woodc@ufl.edu
Wu, Dapeng Oliver, Ph.D.ProfessorElectrical and Computer EngineeringEngineeringNetwork science, Complexity theory, Deep learning, Artificial intelligence, Signal processing, Computer vision wu@ece.ufl.edu
Wu, Lizi, Ph.D. Associate ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineSignal transduction, Notch Signaling, Mouse models, Cancer therapeuticslzwu@ufl.edu
Xiao, Rui, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorAging and Geriatric ResearchMedicineGenetics of aging, Biophysics, Cell biology, Sensory and motor systemsrxiao@ufl.edu
Xie, Mingyi, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorMolecular Biophysics and BiochemistryMedicineNon-coding RNA-regulated gene expression, RNA-processing mingyi.xie@ufl.edu
Yue, Feng Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorAnimal SciencesInstitute of Food and Agricultural SciencesStem cell and developmental biology, Skeletal muscle, Cell fate determination, Cellular metabolism, Gene regulation, Neuromuscular disordersfengyue@ufl.edu
Zhao, Jinying, M.D., Ph.D.Professor and DirectorEpidemiology Public Health and Health Professions Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics for complex human diseases, Diabetes and aging, Genome-wide mapping and integrative analysis of DNA jzhao66@ufl.edu
Zhou, Daohong, Ph.D. ProfessorPharmacodynamicsPharmacyAging and cancer research, Pharmacology and chemotherapy, Self-renewal and genomic stability zhoudaohong@cop.ufl.edu
Zhou, Lei, Ph.D. ProfessorMolecular Genetics and MicrobiologyMedicineHow apoptosis is initiated in oncogenic cells or in cells infected by viruses leizhou@ufl.edu
Zolotukhin, Sergei, Ph.D. ProfessorPediatricsMedicineGene therapy in pediatrics, rAAV vectors, Gene therapy Approaches to treat obesity using neurocytokines szlt@ufl.edu
Zori, Roberto T., M.D.Professor and ChiefPediatricsMedicinePediatric genetics, Medical cytogenetics, Pathology and metabolism, Clinical genetics and genetic counseling zori@peds.ufl.edu