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Social media boosts Klee tomato research program

Researcher Harry Klee has spent the last dozen years working to breed taste back into tomatoes. He thinks grocery store tomatoes taste like “wet cardboard.” Modern breeding strategies haven’t prioritized flavor. It doesn’t much matter what produce tastes like, if it’s a bruised,...
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Soltises receive 2016 Darwin-Wallace Medal

Two University of Florida Genetics Institute faculty members are this year’s recipients of Darwin-Wallace Medal from the Linnean Society of London, considered one of the top international awards given to researchers studying evolutionary biology. Pam Soltis, distinguished...
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Folta lab paper expands understanding of ‘Block of cell proliferation 1’ gene

A paper out of Kevin Folta’s lab offers further insight into the role of a lesser-known gene conserved in plants, mammals and yeast. The paper discusses the role of Block of cell proliferation 1 in strawberries and Arabidopsis. The publication is available online, and in the...
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