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UFGI Publications Round-up Week 11/21/2016

Transgenic mice overexpressing the ALS-linked protein Matrin 3 develop a profound muscle phenotype. Author information: Moloney C1,2, Rayaprolu S1,2, Howard J1,2, Fromholt S1,2, Brown H1,2, Collins M1,2, Cabrera M1,2, Duffy C1,2, Siemienski Z1,2, Miller D1,2, Swanson MS3,...
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UFGI Publications Round-Up Week 9/5/2016

Race-Specific Pharmacodynamic Model of Propofol-Induced Loss of Consciousness. Author information: Lampotang S1,2,3,4, Lizdas DE1,2,3, Derendorf H5, Gravenstein N1,2, Lok B6, Quarles JP7. 1Center for Safety, Simulation, and Advanced Learning Technologies, University of Florida,...
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UFGI Publications Round-Up Week 8/29/2016

Developmental and Evolutionary Origins of the Amniote Phallus. Author information: Gredler ML1. (Post-graduate researcher in the Cohn Lab) 1Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, UF Genetics Institute, University of Florida, PO Box 103610, Gainesville, FL 32611, USA...
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