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Wrangling the equine genome with UFGI member Samantha Brooks

Samantha Brooks, PhD, scares baby horses for a living. In her defense, it’s just a little fright, and it is for science. Brooks, an assistant professor in the department of animal sciences, studies equine genetics as a member of the University of Florida Genetics Institute. Her...
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UF/IFAS: UF/IFAS researcher: Insects increase metabolism to adapt to dramatic weather change

A recent study led by a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher found that an insect has evolved metabolically in response to an increase in weather cold snaps. Daniel Hahn, an associate professor in the entomology and nematology department at...
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Identifying unexpected causes of climate change

A long time ago, back in the days before air conditioning or paved roads, the Everglades covered roughly a third of Florida. In an effort to control flooding, and expand land for farming crops and grazing cattle, white settlers carved trenches to drain the Everglades into the...
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