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UFGI Publications Round-Up Week 8/1/2016

HIV maintains an evolving and dispersed population among multiple tissues during suppressive cART with periods of rapid expansion corresponding to the onset of cancer. Author information: Rose R1, Lamers SL1, Nolan DJ2, Maidji E3, Faria NR4, Pybus OG4, Dollar JJ5, Maruniak SA5,...
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UFGI Publications Round-Up Week 7/25/2016

Rapid and recent diversification of curassows, guans, and chachalacas (Galliformes: Cracidae) out of Mesoamerica: Phylogeny inferred from mitochondrial, intron, and ultraconserved element sequences. Author information: Hosner PA1, Braun EL2, Kimball RT2. 1Department of Biology,...
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Soltises receive 2016 Darwin-Wallace Medal

Two University of Florida Genetics Institute faculty members are this year’s recipients of Darwin-Wallace Medal from the Linnean Society of London, considered one of the top international awards given to researchers studying evolutionary biology. Pam Soltis, distinguished...
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Pam Soltis elected to National Academy of Sciences

When Pam Soltis was a little girl, she and her brother talked their dad into mounting an old kitchen countertop to the wall of the basement. They wanted to make a lab bench. Her mother gave her a pillowcase to turn into a lab apron. Soltis lined her rock collection, one-by-one...
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Cohn lab discovers ancient origin of genes that make cartilage

The genetic origin of cartilage is much older and found in more kinds of creatures than scientists had previously thought, University of Florida Health researchers have discovered. It turns out that cartilage, long thought to be exclusive to animals that have backbones, isn’t so...
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Vote for Barbazuk, Maden research in PacBio contest

University of Florida Genetics Institute faculty members Brad Barbazuk and Malcolm Maden have entered a competition called “Explore Your Most Interesting Genome.” The team is one of five finalists competing for a prize of one library prep and 10 SMRT cells worth of...
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