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2018 Pilot Grant Program Announcement

Intragenic precision breeding enhances sugarcane for producing biofuel

A University of Florida Genetics Institute member has identified a way to breed sugarcane that will increase ethanol yields from its biomass. Sugarcane biomass is converted into energy through one of two ways– by burning in a sugar mill, or by extracting the sugars for ethanol...
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UFGI Publications Round-up Week 11/28/2016

Development of a Quantitative PCR Assay for Differentiating the Agent of Heartwater Disease, Ehrlichia ruminantium, from the Panola Mountain Ehrlichia. Author information: Sayler KA1,2, Loftis AD3, Mahan SM4,5, Barbet AF4. 1Department of Physiological Sciences, College of...
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UFGI Publications Round-Up Week 9/12/2016

Na2CO3-responsive mechanisms in halophyte Puccinellia tenuiflora roots revealed by physiological and proteomic analyses. Author information: Zhao Q1,2, Suo J2, Chen S3, Jin Y2, Ma X2, Yin Z2, Zhang Y1, Wang T4, Luo J5, Jin W5, Zhang X4, Zhou Z1, Dai S1,2. 1Key Laboratory of...
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Jianping Wang receives NACTA educator award

University of Florida Genetics Institute faculty member Jianping Wang received a North America Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Educator Award at the June 2016 conference. Wang is an assistant professor in the department of agronomy. “I felt surprised, very excited, and very...
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