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Discovery could expand sorghum farming in Florida

A University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher has identified two areas of the sorghum genome that could boost the plant’s resistance to the anthracnose disease. This finding could be a key to expanding sorghum production in the Southeast, said...
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Jianping Wang receives NACTA educator award

University of Florida Genetics Institute faculty member Jianping Wang received a North America Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Educator Award at the June 2016 conference. Wang is an assistant professor in the department of agronomy. “I felt surprised, very excited, and very...
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Social media boosts Klee tomato research program

Researcher Harry Klee has spent the last dozen years working to breed taste back into tomatoes. He thinks grocery store tomatoes taste like “wet cardboard.” Modern breeding strategies haven’t prioritized flavor. It doesn’t much matter what produce tastes like, if it’s a bruised,...
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Identifying unexpected causes of climate change

A long time ago, back in the days before air conditioning or paved roads, the Everglades covered roughly a third of Florida. In an effort to control flooding, and expand land for farming crops and grazing cattle, white settlers carved trenches to drain the Everglades into the...
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