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Salamander research looks at regenerative properties, what it means for humans

University of Florida Genetics Institute member, Ed Scott, is working with researchers to study the blood of a salamander that can regenerate lost limbs, regrow its own spinal cord and even dodge cancer.

The axolotl salamander’s regenerative properties could hold the answers to finding ways for humans to heal without scars after surgery.

“There’s something different about the blood cell formation in axolotls,” said Malcolm Maden, a professor in the department of biology and UFGI faculty member.

To study blood at the site of regeneration, researchers are examining green axolotls developed to have fluorescent red blood and red axolotls developed to have green blood. This allows for contrasting blood color to be followed to the site of regeneration to determine what types of healing proteins are present.

The researchers plan to study why diseases such ohne rezept as cancer don’t spread in the salamander species.

Video by UFHealth