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Dormant herpes virus reactivates with infections

Unlike most viruses, which succumb to the immune system’s attack, herpes remains in the body forever, lying in wait, sometimes reactivating years later. Researchers have long wondered what causes herpes viruses — two strains of which are linked to cancer — to reactivate after...
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Findings could help put halt to potato blight

University of Florida Genetics Institute member and Plant Pathology assistant professor, Erica Goss, has pinpointed the origin of the pathogen that caused the 1840s Irish Potato Famine, a finding that may help potato and tomato growers around the world. Called “late blight,” the...
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Comb Jelly genome solved and new neural pathways uncovered

Leonid Moroz and his team have decoded the genomes for 10 comb jelly species, revealing the jellies’ distinct neurogenic, immune and developmental genes are unlike other animal genomes and developed independently. Their research has been published on May 21 in the journal Nature....
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