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Gout treatment may solve citrus greening

As citrus greening disease threatens Florida’s $9 billion citrus industry, University of Florida Genetic Institute members Claudio Gonzalez and Graciela Lorca may have identified the biochemical treatment growers are desperate to find. Gonzalez and Lorca led a research team from...
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Wilfred Vermerris, PhD

University of Florida department of Microbiology and Cell Science associate professor Wilfred Vermerris, PhD, is a resident member of the UF Genetics Institute in the CGRC and is graduate faculty and former Director of the Genetics & Genomics graduate program. Dr. Vermerris...
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Six Genetics Institute faculty awarded UF Research Foundation Professorships

The Genetics Institute is proud to congratulate six faculty members who received the distinguished University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) Professorship. The three-year UFRF Professorships are awarded to tenured full-time associate and full professors. Selection is based...
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