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Identifying unexpected causes of climate change

A long time ago, back in the days before air conditioning or paved roads, the Everglades covered roughly a third of Florida. In an effort to control flooding, and expand land for farming crops and grazing cattle, white settlers carved trenches to drain the Everglades into the...
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NPACT: Better understanding the protein coding potential of genomic sequences

Luciano Brocchieri, Genetics Institute faculty member, and postdoctoral student Steve Oden have developed a computational program to help generate more accurate representations of the protein coding potential of genomic sequences. Brocchieri is also an assistant professor in the...
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Stockpiling seeds for the future

              Last September, Heather Rose Kates, Genetics Institute doctoral candidate, went the only place hotter than Gainesville– the desert. She was looking for seeds. After using the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s seed banks for her own...
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