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Roger Beachy, renowned scientist and food security expert, to speak at Florida Genetics 2014

Dr. Roger Beachy, the Florida Genetics 2014 Symposium keynote speaker, is the founding executive director of the World Food Center at University of California, Davis. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Beachy is internationally known for his groundbreaking...
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Experts discuss genetic impacts on life – plants, animals and our health

From horse colors and dog breeds to type I diabetes and antibiotics, the Florida Genetics 2014 Symposium exhibits the impact of genetics on all living organisms. Now in its 10th year, the symposium showcases discoveries from leading genetics and genomics researchers from the...
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Salamander research looks at regenerative properties, what it means for humans

University of Florida Genetics Institute member, Ed Scott, is working with researchers to study the blood of a salamander that can regenerate lost limbs, regrow its own spinal cord and even dodge cancer. The axolotl salamander’s regenerative properties could hold the answers to...
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