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Edward Braun, key contributor to groundbreaking bird evolution study

A multi-year project consisting of 400 years of computing time and nine supercomputers has decoded the avian genome, establishing an avian tree of life and revealing the explosion of bird evolution in a time when nearly everything else on earth died out. The asteroid strike that...
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Akito Kawahara, PhD

Butterflies and moths make up one of the most diverse order of insects on earth, the Lepidoptera order, which includes more than 150,000 described species worldwide, and up to five times as many that remain undescribed. Akito Kawahara, a member of the University of Florida...
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Researchers use plants to study treatment for bleeding disorder

For people with hemophilia, any cut can become dangerous as they lack the necessary proteins in their blood, called clotting factors, to stop the wound from bleeding. To treat severe hemophilia, regular injections of these proteins can be used, but up to 30 percent of people with...
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