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2018 Pilot Grant Program Announcement


Ana Conesa, PhD

In its quest to rise among the nation’s top public universities, the University of Florida Preeminence Plan initiative has recruited dozens of distinguished faculty members from around the world, including Department of Microbiology and Cell Science professor and Genetics...
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Grant supports study of generic versus brand-name common heart medicine

University of Florida Health researchers and Genetics Institute members, Lari Cavallari and Julie Johnson, received a $2.3 million, three-year grant from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to investigate whether a generic form of a common heart medicine works as well as the...
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UF Space Plants article is journal’s most highly accessed and mentioned

Robert Ferl and Anna Lisa-Paul, University of Florida Genetics Institute members and plant molecular biologists, were recognized for publishing the most highly accessed paper in the history of the journal BMC Plant Biology. Their research was published in 2012 and has also been...
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