Funding and Costs

Genetics & Genomics student, Paul Wassel, presents at the 2022 Fall Research Mixer.

Stipends & Tuition Waivers

Students admitted to the Genetics & Genomics program are appointed as a Graduate Research Assistant. The stipend for the 2022-2023 academic year is $34,000 per year. Stipends are paid biweekly as a salary. The stipend is intended to cover living expenses and student fees (transportation fee, technology fee, athletic fee, activity & service fee, etc.) since they are not covered by the tuition waiver. These stipends are taxable income.

In addition to the stipend, all G&G students also receive a tuition waiver. Tuition waivers are not considered taxable income.

For the 2021-22 academic year the student fees are approximately $738 per Fall & Spring semesters and $492 for the Summer semester. These fees are subject to change.

The UFGI funds students in the first year during Fall, Spring, and Summer A semesters. As of Summer B of the first year, students will be funded through other sources. Most often, students are funded as Research Assistants by their mentors. Some students are also funded through fellowships or Teaching Assistantships.

Health Insurance

The University of Florida offers GatorGradCare health insurance to Graduate Assistants. Graduate Assistants will pay a $10.00 monthly premium toward individual coverage through payroll deduction. The university will pay the balance of the annual premium.

Visit the GatorGradCare site for more information.


A breakdown of the attendance costs associated with Graduate School at the University of Florida can be explored with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

As a reminder, students are responsible for paying all student fees, since they are not covered by the tuition waiver. Your stipend is intended to cover these fees and your living expenses. You should include the following amounts in your personal budget to be paid at the beginning of each semester:

  • Fall and Spring = $738 each
  • Summer = $492
  • Annual total cost = $1,968 (Current as of fall 2020)