First Year Courses

The Genetics and Genomics Program offers a unique academic track for students wanting to develop their quantitative and analytical skills in a variety of fields. Students rotate through a minimum of two colleges during their first year, acquiring and developing an interdisciplinary approach to genetic research. At the end of their first year, students have the opportunity to choose their mentor and college in which they would like to pursue further research.

Fall Courses

GMS 6221- Ethics in Genetics

Presentation and critical discussion of relevant topics pertaining to ethics, policy and translation in genetics research. (1 Credit)

GMS 6290- Genetics & Genomics Program Graduate Seminar

This course includes presentations, seminars, and critical discussions of recent original research relating to genetics and genomics. (1 Credit)

PCB 5065- Advanced Genetics

Examines genetic principles including gene and gene function; recombination and linkage; molecular markers, multipoint linkage analysis, and positional cloning; and quantitative, population, developmental, and non-Mendelian genetics. (4 Credits)

GMS 6867- Big Data for the Biologist

Designed for biology graduate students who wish to be able to analyze their own large-scale omics or multi-omics data. This class teaches the foundational knowledge needed to understand those analyses. This class is fast paced and demanding. (3 Credits)

Spring Courses

BCH 6415- Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology

Molecular biology of pro- and eukaryotic organisms. Emphasizes understanding the experimental approaches that led to recent developments. Chromosome structure and organization, advances in recombinant DNA technology, DNA replication, RNA transcription and protein synthesis, and selected aspects of molecular regulation of gene expression. (3 Credits)

GMS 6231- Genomics and Bioinformatics

Principles of genomic characterization and bioinformatic analysis of eukaryotes, including an overview of analytical platforms, computational tools, experimental design, analysis methods and databases used to study DNA sequence, gene expression and protein levels. The course aims at providing an understanding of the principles of genomic analysis of eukaryotes at various levels (DNA, mRNA and protein), and of the bioinformatics methods used for this purpose. (3 Credits)

GMS 6290-Genetics & Genomics Program Graduate Seminar Course

Presentations, seminars, and critical discussions of recent original research relating to genetics and genomics. (1 Credit)