This Fall, the Florida Genetics Symposium, hosted by the University of Florida Genetics Institute, is returning! This event attracts genetics and genomics researchers, students, and industries from across the world. Speakers will present and discuss genetics and genomics topics. Approximately 100 students and independent researchers will present their research and findings during two competitive poster presentation sessions. The event will be held from 12PM – 6:30PM on Nov. 2 and 8:00AM – 5:00PM on Nov. 3, 2022. The UF Genetics Institute looks forward to welcoming you to the Florida Genetics Symposium 2022.

Dr. Steitz will be discussing, “Viral Noncoding RNAs: New Insights into RNA Structure.”

Organization Committee

Jatinder Lamba (Chair), Christopher Vulpe (Co-Chair), Brad Barbazuk, Kevin Folta, Graciela Lorca, Eric Wang, Lizi Wu


Cornelia Frazier, Cindy Heesacker, Brittany Hollister, Thaddeus Suggs, Greg Tyler