Publications Round-Up Week 7/25/2016

Rapid and recent diversification of curassows, guans, and chachalacas (Galliformes: Cracidae) out of Mesoamerica: Phylogeny inferred from mitochondrial, intron, and ultraconserved element sequences. Author information: Hosner PA1, Braun EL2, Kimball RT2. 1Department of Biology,...
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Publications Round-Up Week 7/18/2016

Genome-wide association mapping and pathway analysis of leukosis incidence in a US Holstein cattle population. Author information: Abdalla EA1,2, Peñagaricano F3,4, Byrem TM5, Weigel KA6, Rosa GJ1,7. 1Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI,...
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Science by the Sea: A Visit to The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience

  Life began in the sea. For ages, creatures that were mere specks of life spent their existence feeding and reproducing in the same mud flats and heat vents their ancestors had. Eventually, a few species evolved enough to explore beyond these environs. Their descendants...
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Genetics & Genomics Graduate Program

Good geneticists are integrative geneticists, who incorporate many different genetic sub-fields into their work.
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  • UF Genetics Institute

    The UFGI is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to promote excellence in the areas of genetics and genomics at the University of Florida by–

    –Building community, facilitating collaboration and creating opportunities for intellectual exchanges among investigators working in diverse taxonomic systems but with a common set of approaches in genetics and genomics.

    –Supporting recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty in the areas of genetic and genomics.

    –Supporting graduate education in the areas of genetics and genomics.

    –Enhancing the ability of researchers at the University of Florida to compete for multidisciplinary research grants in the area of genetics and genomics.

  • Genetics & Genomics Graduate Program

    We believe good geneticists are integrative geneticists– incorporating many different genetic sub-fields into their work. Interests in the faculty span from basic research to applied work.

    Graduate students are currently pursuing:




    –Horticultural Sciences

    –Evolutionary Genetics