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Settles lab publishes study about parent-of-origin effect loci in maize

Mutations are nothing new in genetics. But what does it mean when irregularities are standard operating procedure? UF Genetics Institute member Mark Settles, PhD, professor in the department of horticultural sciences, addresses the issue of genetic irregularities as they occur in...
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UFGI Publications Round-Up Week 9/19/2016

DOCP-Salt Treatment Leads to Non-dipping Hypertension in Per1 Knockout Mice. Author information: Solocinski K1,2, Holzworth M1, Wen X1, Cheng KY1, Lynch IJ1,3, Cain BD2, Wingo CS1,3, Gumz ML4,5,6. 1Department of Medicine, University of Florida. 2Department of Biochemistry and...
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WUFT– For disease therapies, UFGI researcher inducted to hall of fame

Doctors told George Fox that his son, Phoenix, wouldn’t live into his teenage years. But Phoenix — who has Pompe disease, a rare form of muscular dystrophy that has made him reliant on a ventilator to breathe and other people for mobility — has persevered thanks to a gene-therapy...
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Genetics & Genomics Graduate Program

Good geneticists are integrative geneticists, who incorporate many different genetic sub-fields into their work.
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  • UF Genetics Institute

    The UFGI is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to promote excellence in the areas of genetics and genomics at the University of Florida by–

    –Building community, facilitating collaboration and creating opportunities for intellectual exchanges among investigators working in diverse taxonomic systems but with a common set of approaches in genetics and genomics.

    –Supporting recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty in the areas of genetic and genomics.

    –Supporting graduate education in the areas of genetics and genomics.

    –Enhancing the ability of researchers at the University of Florida to compete for multidisciplinary research grants in the area of genetics and genomics.

  • Genetics & Genomics Graduate Program

    We believe good geneticists are integrative geneticists– incorporating many different genetic sub-fields into their work. Interests in the faculty span from basic research to applied work.

    Graduate students are currently pursuing:




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    –Evolutionary Genetics