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2015 Students

Head_shot_Aishwarya_FotoAishwarya Gurumurthy
Undergrad Institute: Manipal University, India
Major: Biotechnology
Interests: Molecular and human disease genetics, gene regulation in cancer, long range
chromatin interactions.


10177987_793961647282525_8273270382793193459_nBrittney Otero
Undergrad Institute: University of Florida
Major: Microbiology and cell science
Interests: Translational work on neurodegenerative, and neuromuscular diseases. Disease
pathology, mechanism, and possible therapeutics.
Honors and Awards: GSF, McKnight Fellowship


Chandra Earl553296_3040928082743_183011045_n
Undergrad Institute: University of Florida
Major: Biotechnology
Minor: Bioinformatics
Interests: Bioinformatics, genetic engineering, molecular genetics


Enrico BarrozoCF015240_72-3
Undergrad Institute: Augsburg College
Major: Biology
Interests: Human diseases caused by persistent viral infections or mutations within genomic DNA.
Awards: UF Graduate School Fellowship (formerly Alumni Fellowship), McKnight Doctoral


Hanling Guoheadshot
Undergrad Institute: Sichuan University, China
Major: Biology
Interests: Molecular genetics, gene regulation, synthetic biology


Taylor Paisieheadshot
Undergrad Institute: Florida State University
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry and criminology
Interests: Infectious disease, viral genetics, gene vector therapy.


Yuning LiuYuning Liu
Undergrad Institute: Beijing Forestry University, China
Major: Biotechnology
Interests: Diabetes, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics.



2014 Students

David A. FriedmanUFGI-David
Lab: Olmstead, Horticultural Sciences 
Undergrad Institute: Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College, Florida Atlantic University
Major: Pre-med
Interests: Working with microorganism such as yeast and E. coli, particularly in studying such things as diseases, genetic disorders, and aging; bioinformatics.

Keon D. WimberlyUFGI-Keon
Lab: Choe, Biology 
Undergrad Institute: Xavier University of Louisiana
Major: Biology
Graduate Institute: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Interests: Gene Therapy, Bioinformatics, Drug Delivery, Molecular Genetics
Awards: UF Graduate School Fellowship (formerly Alumni Fellowship), McKnight Predoctoral Fellowship

Kia C. FullerUFGI-Kia
Lab: Mulligan, Anthropology
Undergrad Institute: Florida State University
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Chemistry
Interests: Genetics of disease, particularly the genetics of cancer

Wei NiUFGI-Wei
Lab: Wu, Molecular genetics & Microbiology
Undergrad Institute: Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou
Major: Biology Science
Graduate Institute: Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou
Major: Developmental Biology
Interests: Molecular biology of pathogen and antigenicity analysis of some candidate proteins; epigenetic alterations related to carcinogenesis, like DNA methylation, which can serve as the biomarker of cancer initiating and metastasis.



2013 Students

Natya HansUFGI-Natya
Lab: Burleigh Lab, Phylogenetics
Favorite Courses: Advanced Genetics, Statistics and Bioinformatics
Undergrad Institute: Kurukshetra University, India
Major: Biotechnology
Graduate Institute: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Major: Computational and Systems Biology
Interest: I am interested in studying and understanding genetic variations using statistical and bio informatics approach. Another area of interest is the biological networks and computational simulation of biological models.

Yong ShenUFGI-Yong-Shen
Interest: My interest is to use statistics to analyze the high-throughput data from the medical fields and translate the findings into efficient therapeutic treatment, finally, to tackle the problems concerning with the public health. So I’m keen on medical genomics, pharmacogenomics, translational research and biostatistics.

UFGI-SolalehSolaleh Khoramian Tusi
Lab: Ranum Lab
Favorite Courses: Advanced Genetics
Undergrad Institute: Tehran Tarbiat Moallem University
Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Interest: I am interested in using molecular biology to answer the fundamental questions, such as finding mechanisms controlling gene expression.  I’d like to work with stem cells or knock out models to find out the problems in different disorders such as cancer, etc. I think using basic science in translational research and finding treatment for genetic disorders is really interesting and demanded.

Dorianmarie Vargas-FrancoUFGI-DVF
Lab: Resnick Lab
Favorite Courses: Advanced Genetics and Bioinformatics
Undergrad Institute: University of Puerto Rico at Cayey
Major: Biology
Awards: The Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship, McKnight Fellowship
Interest: I’m interested in Biomedical research with a focus in Developmental Genetics, specifically in epigenetics. My main focus is in genetics disorders and congenital diseases such as Angelman and Prader-Willi Syndromes.



2012 Students

Terry FelderhoffTerry Felderhoff
Lab: Vermerris Lab, Microbiology and Cell Science
Favorite courses: PCB 5065 Advanced Genetics
Undergrad Institute: BS: Texas A&M University
Major: Horticulture
Masters: Texas A&M University
Major: Plant Breeding
Interest: Plant genetics and breeding

Lara Ianov
Lab: Foster Lab, Neuroscience
Favorite courses: Advanced Genetics
Undergrad Institute: BS: University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Major: Molecular Biology
Minor: Biotechnology
Interest: Next generation sequencing, bioinformatics and epigenetics

Lana McMillan
Lab: Maupin-Furlow Lab, Microbiology and Cell Science
Favorite courses: PCB 5065 Advanced Genetics
Undergrad Institute: BS: University of Missouri
Major: Biochemistry
Interest: Molecular genetics, Genomics, Gene expression

Ana Caroline Costa Sa’
Lab: Johnson Lab, Pharmtherapy Transl Rsch
Favorite courses: Genomics and Bioinformatics
Undergrad Institute: University of Brasilia
Masters: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Major: Parasitology
Interest: Virology, Phylogenetics, Virus Molecular Evolution, Bioinformatics, Genomics



2011 Students

Heather Rose Kates
Lab: Soltis Lab, Molecular Systematics and Evolutionary Genetics
Favorite courses: Bioinformatics
Undergrad Institute: B.A., Oberlin College
Major: Bioinformatics
Interest: Phylogenetics, phylogenomics, evolutionary genetics, plant evolution under domestication, population genetics



2010 Students

Lauren Grace Douma
Lab: Bloom Lab, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Favorite courses: Advanced Cellular and Molecular Biology
Undergrad Institute: B.A., Nova Southeastern University
Major: Biology
Minor in Chemistry and Psychology: Nova Southeastern University
Interest: DNA Relication & repair, cancer genetics,yeast genetics, Bacterial genetics, evolution, proteoics, biochemistry, molecular genetics.

???????????????????????????????Tatiana Salazar
Undergrad Institute: University of Costa Rica
Major: Biology
Honors and Awards: Awarded full undergraduate scholarship by the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Jared Stees
Lab: Bungert/Huang Labs, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Favorite courses: BCH 6415, Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology
Undergrad Institute: University of Central Florida
Major: Biology
Interest: Epigenetics, Non-Coding RNA, Chrom. Structure, Gene Reg.