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Climate Change

As the globe prepares to adapt to the influences of climate change, UF Genetics Institute faculty members are involved in a variety of research disciplines investigating how the fundamentals of genetics can empower species to adapt to the changing global climate.

Below is a list of featured UFGI researchers and their work related to climate change:

Samantha Brooks, assistant professor in the department of animal sciences

  • Studies the genetics of the Arabian horse, dromedary camel, and Arabian oryx to understand how certain mammals survive in such a hot, arid climate. Her funding comes from a $1 million grant, funded by the Qatar National Research Foundation.
  • UFGI news post “Finding answers in the desert

Heather Rose Kates, UFGI doctoral candidate in the Soltis laboratory

  • Studies the genus Cucurbita, and how understanding the biology of crop wild relatives can help humans improve cultivation of domesticated food crops.
  • UFGI news post “Stockpiling seeds for future”

Andrew Ogram, professor of soil and water science

  • Studies how fertilizer runoff and rising global temperatures are changing the interactions between different microorganisms in peat lands in tropical and subtropical wetlands, such as the Everglades.
  • UFGI news post “Identifying unexpected causes of climate change”

Daniel Hahn, associate professor of entomology and nematology

Peter Hansen, distinguished professor in the department of animal sciences
Francisco Peñagaricano, assistant professor in statistical genetics and genomics
José Eduardo Santos, foundation research professor in the department of animal sciences