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FGS 2019 Abstract Submission

Welcome to the Florida Genetics Symposium 2019 abstract submission.

Abstracts must be submitted online. Please do not email your file as an attachment to the organizers, or it will not be included in the review and scheduling process.You are limited to submitting one abstract only. A copy of the abstract will be sent to the senior author. You will be asked to provide this email.

The poster area of the boards are 4’10” Tall x 5’10” Wide

Presenter Registration:
All presenters are required to register in order to attend and present at the conference.

Abstract preparation and formatting instructions:

• Use one-inch margins, Times New Roman font, 12-point, with double-spaces between paragraphs.

• All abstracts must be submitted individually online (please do not email them to the-organizers)

• You may not submit more than one abstract

• Abstracts should be no longer than 400 words. No graphs or figures should be included

• Do not include professional titles of the authors

• Use the following formatting with titles; italics (for scientific names), subscript {for scientific formulas and supesrcript mathematic equations)’

Include all authors and their affiliations on the word file

• Use bold font for the name of the presenting author

• Identify author-affiliations using superscript numeral references (see sample and template)

• Include ONLY the affiliation name, city, state and country in abstract listing. (Please do not include full mailing address at the top of the abstract )

Abstract submission process:
The abstract submission process consists of completing FOUR consecutive steps:
1. Review and follow abstract preparation and submission instructions
2. Submit presenter profile information (be careful of typos to avoid publishing errors)
3. Upload abstract file (Only Microsoft Word files accepted)
4. Print abstract submission confirmation form

After you have successfully completed the first three steps, a confirmation notice will appear. Please keep a copy of this form on file for your records. If you do not receive an automatic confirmation your abstract submission did NOT go through. It is your responsibility to follow up, and contact the organizers immediately if you do not receive a confirmation. For questions or to verify the status of your abstract contact: Micayla Kinder, Tel : 352- 273-8413; Email : micaylarkinder@ufl. edu

Abstract Sample:


Abstract Submission is now closed