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2018 Pilot Grant Program Announcement

UF Genetics Institute researchers make important discoveries in their laboratories and work  diligently to translate  their findings to help patients and find solutions for agricultural and environmental problems. Our work results in doctors being able to more accurately detect disease. Physicians will soon be able to tailor drugs and other medical treatments to fit a patient’s personal genetic makeup. Farmers are growing more food in ways that are friendly to the environment. New treatments and medications for cancer and other diseases will be found by tracing  the evolutionary relationships of plants. These are exciting times. Clinical trials are under way to test genetic cures for diseases such as cystic fibrosis,  alpha-1 antitrypsin disorder and inherited forms of blindness and heart disease. We are unraveling the mysteries of evolution, learning about how life came to flourish on this  planet by studying human, animal and plant development. Ultimately, biodiversity is the hallmark of life.  By understanding the principles that underlie biodiversity, we are learning to  preserve it for generations to come.